About Sweet Sammie Jane’s

We Love Macarons, …..it’s what we do!


Do you say MacarOn or MacarOOn?

Well, we have them both, so we say both. French MacarOns are a sweet meringue based cookie, made with almond flour, egg whites and sugar. We then take a variety of buttercream, ganache, or jam and sandwich it between two shells. MacarOOns are a sweet, chewy cookie loaded with flaked coconut, eggs, sugar, and milk. We bake them until they have a crisp, golden brown exterior.

Both cookies are packed full of flavor, seriously delicious and as a bonus they are all gluten free!


What makes our French Macarons special?

We take our French Macaron making seriously. All of our macarons are made in small batches to guarantee the best quality. Each batch goes through a special process of aging our egg whites and drying out our almond flour and sugar before we mix and bake them. We fold the batter by hand before piping, baking, and filling each cookie. This process is what helps to give our cookies their perfect texture.


About our flavors

We offer over 100 flavors of French Macarons. We ship nation wide. You can find between 20-25 flavors daily in our shop. Macarons are also available for special order and can be customized with color or graphics with advanced notice.

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